What are the dosages of a puff?

On the market, you will mainly find three strengths of nicotine. Disposable puffs have the particularity of using nicotine salts. This form comes closest to natural nicotine. For the vaper, it is softer in the throat and is quickly assimilated by the body. Please note that not all brands offer a variety of dosages.

  • Between 17 and 20 mg, this is equivalent to a classic cigarette. By vaping with this dosage, you will find the same sensation as with a traditional cigarette. It is also the highest dosage authorized in France.
  • Between 9 and 10 mg, this dosage is ideal for light smokers.
  • 0 mg, the puff does not contain nicotine.

The objective is to gradually reduce its dosage to be able to vape without nicotine.

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Why does my electronic cigarette no longer charge?

You are new to vaping and your electronic cigarette offers you an alternative to smoking cessation. With several hundred models and different batteries, the vape market offers a whole range of equipment that will have to be well maintained if you want to keep it over time. What are the rules to follow to avoid battery problems? Why is my battery no longer charging? What solutions exist when your battery is faulty?

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Electronic cigarette in summer: things to know

Summer is coming, no more scarves and coats and make way for flip-flops and fruity e liquids! Summer also rhymes with sun, sand and ocean, so many things that are good for our tan and morale, but not for our machines. Quitting smoking is an effort that continues even on vacation: to vape safely and make the most of your e-cigarette, we have concocted a list of tips for you to follow for the summer.

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The variety of flavours offered by the manufacturers of e-liquid for the vape is vast. Many of us have many bottles with various aromas. Many bottles are lying around in your drawers, your bags, on top of a shelf or in your cupboards. The bottles of e liquids, DIY bases and DIY aromas have a BBD and not a BBD; your liquids and other homemade preparations are therefore consumable over time.

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Each vaper adopts a style of vaping according to his vape. Indeed, a vaper can seek to obtain the best flavour with an electronic cigarette or to make a maximum of vapour. The vape material or the liquid used will have a primordial role. Thanks to this article, you will know how to have more taste through an appropriate electronic cigarette.

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How to choose resistance to an e-cigarette?

The proper functioning of an e-cigarette is mainly based on its resistance. However, it is often difficult to know which model to take, between a BCC or a sub-ohm. You have to choose well to hope to discover your “sweet spot”: the style of vape that aligns with your profile as a vaper. Therefore, how to sort out the resistance existing on the market? Here are some helpful tips for finding the coil that best suits your preferences.
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E-liquid reviews of premium vaping liquids

The issue of choosing e-liquid brands is particularly acute for any vaper who has a subtle sense of taste, for whom the process of electronic vaping is just as important as savoring an elite variety of grains for a coffee guru. Fans of aromatic vapor will prefer to pay several times more for a premium than to purchase a simple liquid for refilling in order to discover something new from the world of sensations, to appreciate another taste, which is certainly different from other top vape flavors.

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Flavors for the entire vape juice flavors list

Flavors are not optional in the liquid composition for electronic cigarettes, but, at the same time, they make the vaping process more pleasant in terms of both the smell and taste for the entire vape juice flavors list.

Many people are mistaken, thinking that flavors are a continuous chemistry that harms the body. In fact, there are allowed e-liquid brands for the production, which are either of natural origin or contain chemical compounds present in natural products. Such flavors are thoroughly tested before being put into production, and when heated, they do not produce toxic and poisonous substances.

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