What are the dosages of a puff?

On the market, you will mainly find three strengths of nicotine. Disposable puffs have the particularity of using nicotine salts. This form comes closest to natural nicotine. For the vaper, it is softer in the throat and is quickly assimilated by the body. Please note that not all brands offer a variety of dosages.

  • Between 17 and 20 mg, this is equivalent to a classic cigarette. By vaping with this dosage, you will find the same sensation as with a traditional cigarette. It is also the highest dosage authorized in France.
  • Between 9 and 10 mg, this dosage is ideal for light smokers.
  • 0 mg, the puff does not contain nicotine.

The objective is to gradually reduce its dosage to be able to vape without nicotine.

Stages of smoking cessation

If you are a smoker, the first step is to completely quit traditional tobacco. The question of the dosage does not matter for the moment. You need to replace your habits, tame the vape, and familiarize yourself with vaping. Try different flavours to understand, define what you like, and what you don’t like. This phase is important, it is here that the risk of falling back into cigarettes is greatest. You need to stabilize your habits. When you are weaned, and you find what you like, you can consider lowering the rate.

How to decrease?

We don’t recommend going from 20 to 0 mg too quickly. Prefer the gradual reduction, go to the dosage below. Want to halve your nicotine intake? It can take several months, and it is not very important. Make sure your consumption stays the same. If you vape relentlessly, try to regulate your intake. On the other hand, if the situation persists, perhaps it is still too premature to reduce the nicotine level?

When this second level is reached, your nicotine needs are stabilized and you feel ready, you can switch to the dosage without nicotine.

Puff My Mega Vape without nicotine.

Congratulation! You have passed a milestone. You are weaned from tobacco and nicotine. You can, with the puff without nicotine, continue to enjoy the flavours while keeping the gestures. The Ma Mega Vape puff will offer you up to 2000 puffs, the equivalent of four packs of cigarettes, at a very low price. With its 7ml of e liquids, it will assure you long moments of vaping.

My Mega Vape offers 9 flavours, to satisfy all types of vapers. Discover fruity and fresh puffs such as Cassis Ice, Watermelon Ice, Mango Ice or Peach Ice.

Succumb to fruit mixes such as the Fruit Mix, a mix of citrus fruits, and red fruits all in freshness or the Watermelon Strawberry Lushi Ice, containing strawberry and fresh watermelon. You will also find the puff Passion and the Cola Ice to accompany your glass of Cola. My Mega Vape was able to seduce us with its value for money and its rendering of flavours.

After stabilizing your consumption, you are finally ready to give up cigarettes and vaping for good. Weaning should be done gently.

Don’t skip the steps. Consolidate each of them to ensure successful smoking cessation.