E-liquids: praise of gluttony

After some trial and error, you have tamed your electronic cigarette. But in the effort, you have neglected the essential. What everyone forgot to tell you about pleasure.

Welcome to the delicious and confusing taste universe of e-liquids

You have just accessed a new form of indulgence. You wanted to replace your cigarettes. Same, if possible. You discover that nothing in e-liquids quite resembles tobacco. You also discover, and this is slightly disconcerting, that there are several hundred “tobacco” liquids.

Browns, blondes, bald. Menthol, fruity, gourmet. Coming from France, Italy, America or China. Sedentary explorer, you go on a trip aboard the Vape Express.

In unknown land

Lurking behind hostile bushes, unknown dangers await you. This liquid tasted in-store, and will not taste quite the same once installed in your vaporizer. This other, whom you adored in the early days, is now coming out of your ears.

Today you are looking for rounder or drier, sweeter or more virile flavours. You need change, variety, a liquid in the morning, another for the evening. With careful steps, you consider liquorice, a pear, and a peach tea.

What happened? Never, with your cigarettes, had you known this appetite for adventure. It’s because your taste buds have woken up. And they just do what they want.

From adventure to adventure

Emboldened, you try new flavours. Surprise: you who hate custard, find incredible pleasures in this “custard” liquid. The lychee leaves you indifferent on the market stalls, but in the form of clouds, it’s ecstasy.

Taking advice from your favourite merchant, you discover that in fact of exploration, you have never left Montauban. Here he is offering you complex liquids. A stroll through the souks of Marrakech, where orange blossom dominates honey and almonds in the shade of a hint of cinnamon. An evening on 5th Avenue sipping a Roaring Twenties cocktail, grapefruit liqueur, burnt orange, cucumber tear. A meeting between coconut and passion fruit that will propel you under the palm trees.

For a successful trip, only one rule. Let yourself be carried away. Don’t deny yourself anything. Your tastes will evolve, your gluttony will grow, and you will go from surprise to surprise. Perhaps you will not find “your vape” right away. It’s normal. Hold on tight: so many pleasures await you… Welcome to the infinite universe of greedy clouds.