Why does my electronic cigarette no longer charge?

You are new to vaping and your electronic cigarette offers you an alternative to smoking cessation. With several hundred models and different batteries, the vape market offers a whole range of equipment that will have to be well maintained if you want to keep it over time. What are the rules to follow to avoid battery problems? Why is my battery no longer charging? What solutions exist when your battery is faulty?

Bad maintenance of your e-cig

If your e-cig no longer charges, you are not following certain instructions for use. This is also valid for all electronic devices: you must respect your equipment and take care of it to give it good longevity. To do this, store it in a dry place away from humidity and heat, maintain the different parts of your e-cig well (for example liquid drippings at the screw pitch or airflows), and use the appropriate charging cable for your battery (check the voltage of your cable and prefer a USB charge than a wall outlet).

In the vaping universe, it is said that a battery has a lifespan of about 6 months  – or –  400 charges-discharges(for regular use). So if you change it every 3 months, you are certainly neglecting one of these rules.

Improper use of his e-cig

A watchword: do not vape on your e-cig when it is being recharged. Using a vape while charging is the source of several problems: on the one hand, it charges and on the other hand, it provides power for your puff. This is a possible reason why your e-cig no longer charges. There is an obvious contradiction in this use: the battery is torn between sending and receiving energy, and in the long run, this reduces the energy storage capacities of your battery, as well as its maximum power.

A worn-out and end-of-life battery

A battery that is too old will not supply energy correctly: it may work intermittently or even stop working at all. If you have an e-cig with a removable battery, this is the perfect time to change the battery. On the other hand, if you have an e-cig with an integrated battery, your entire e-cig will be irreparable… E-cigs with an integrated battery are certainly easier to start with, but by definition, they are not designed to last forever. In conclusion: if your electronic cigarette does not charge properly, it may be that your battery has had its day.

How to correctly recharge your e-cig?

Whether your e-cig has an integrated battery or a removable battery, make sure it is fully charged to be operational. To do this, take the USB-C or micro-USB cable (depending on your e-cig model) and plug in your e-cig:

  • on the USB port of a computer, an internet box or any other equipment with an amperage that does not exceed 1 ampere.
  • on the wall sockets, if your e-cig can support an intensity of 2 amps.
  • via a battery charger which allows the charging of your batteries independently of your e-cig (only for removable batteries).

Good to know: the most recent e-cigs have a USB-C port. These allow faster charging than micro-USB.