Electronic cigarette in summer: things to know

Summer is coming, no more scarves and coats and make way for flip-flops and fruity e liquids! Summer also rhymes with sun, sand and ocean, so many things that are good for our tan and morale, but not for our machines. Quitting smoking is an effort that continues even on vacation: to vape safely and make the most of your e-cigarette, we have concocted a list of tips for you to follow for the summer.

Electronic cigarette on the plane: a few rules to follow

To travel in the air, a few rules that apply to all flights must be respected. You can place your bottles of e liquids in your suitcase in the hold (within a capacity limit of 1 litre of liquids ), but your electronic cigarettes, as well as your batteries, must accompany you in the cabin. You might want to take your bottles of e liquids with you, or if you don’t have luggage in the hold, you have this possibility. But under what conditions?

How many e liquids can we take with us?

It is necessary, like any liquid in the aircraft cabin, to respect a limit of 100 millilitres of capacity. It’s up to you whether you prefer to stay faithful to a single flavour of 100 ML or mix your bottles of e liquids by carrying 10 tubes of 10 ML.

Do not hesitate to find out if your airport has a smoking area in order to use your electronic cigarette, this will allow you to know if it is necessary to carry around e liquids or not.

Your electronic cigarette at altitude.

With atmospheric pressure, your machine may leak. Don’t worry, it’s completely normal and we’ll advise you so that it doesn’t happen. You must try to travel with your electronic cigarette without liquid and with the airflow open. For maximum comfort, you can place your machine upside down in the space dedicated to books in front of you.

We remind you that it is strictly forbidden to vape on a plane.

The electronic cigarette across borders.

Finally, some countries have tougher legislation regarding electronic cigarettes and this is even sometimes prohibited (local regulations, import bans, no sales on-site, etc.). Special legislation in terms of authorization to vape or even to buy may apply, you may even be convicted in certain countries, so it is important to find out before you go on vacation.

E-cigarettes and heat don’t mix

The electronic cigarette, whether it is a pod, a battery or a mod with or without batteries, is made up of electronic elements and a battery. Like any electronic object, your electronic cigarette is not made to withstand extreme heat, especially since our machines can exceed 45° in the sun.

Some good gestures that you must adapt with your electronic cigarette concerning the heat:

It is therefore important to leave them in the shade to avoid damaging the batteries and the box itself. It’s the same for all products containing a battery like our precious smartphones. So remember to leave your machine under the parasol or a hat before going for a swim.

E-liquid and sun, match or no match?

The agreement between these two is not good. If you have been vaping for a while, you must have noticed that your liquids take on a few shades when exposed to the sun. It does not matter if it remains occasional, but when your tubes or the liquids contained in your machines are too exposed, the flavours will deteriorate and this can harm your resistance.

Converse the flavours of e liquids in summer:

It will therefore be necessary to be vigilant on this point and not to let your precious e liquids tan in order to be able to preserve the taste at its optimum and not to have to change its resistance at too high a frequency.

Pay extra attention to the beach.

You can take your machine to the beach, but you will have to be extra careful and not be negligent. Take with you a closed pouch in which to store your machine and your e liquids in order to avoid contact with the sand and remember to wipe your hands well in order to limit contact with water.

My cigarette fell on the sand, what should I do?

Unfortunately, a cigarette falling in the sand or the water can happen, and you have to know how to react intelligently. In the event of contact with the sand, it is important to carefully clean each part of your e-cig: this could damage it if you are negligent.

My cigarette fell into the water, what should I do?

If your electronic cigarette falls into the water, do not try to light it again! It is essential to let it dry completely and try to light it again after it has completely dried. You can put your machine in rice for 24H and see if it works. If you have batteries, we recommend that you be very careful and change them for maximum safety. If your machine survives, then you will have to change your resistance and you will be able to enjoy the pleasure of vaping again.

Small leaks of e liquids are normal in summer.

There is no point in stressing for nothing and creating unnecessary worries. If your e-cigarette is leaking a few drops, that’s completely normal. If you are going to destinations where heat is present, the temperature differential will cause this flow due to the thinning of the e-liquid. In the event of a larger leak, do not hesitate to change your resistance, the problem may come from there.

After reading this article, vapers will be ready to have a good vacation. Be vigilant, but don’t forget to relax! To spend a relaxed holiday, do not hesitate to order your necessary stock to be able to vape in complete peace of mind.