The variety of flavours offered by the manufacturers of e-liquid for the vape is vast. Many of us have many bottles with various aromas. Many bottles are lying around in your drawers, your bags, on top of a shelf or in your cupboards. The bottles of e liquids, DIY bases and DIY aromas have a BBD and not a BBD; your liquids and other homemade preparations are therefore consumable over time.

But how to preserve your e-liquid so that it keeps its freshness and its aromatic intensity?

When we have several preferences in terms of e-liquids, it can sometimes happen that we take different bottles. You can quickly end up with a fairly large amount of liquid. Especially if you are the type to vape fresh e liquids when it is hot and vape gourmet e liquids when you suddenly crave sugar. We tend to think that it is not a problem because we can keep our e-liquid for the electronic cigarette for two years, or even more.

Tip number 1: keep your e-liquid away from light

Tell yourself that your favourite bottle of e-liquid for vaping should be treated as if you had Count Dracula on vacation at your home. Like Vlad the Emperor, he dislikes UV rays. This recommendation, you can very well read it on the label of the bottle and we are talking here about sunlight, in particular UV rays. These can degrade the flavours and nicotine in the e-liquid. The e-liquid may change colour and brown a little, but there is no risk to your health. Remember to store your e-liquid bottles in a closet, in a drawer or a box.

UV rays degrade the nicotine contained in your bottle of e-liquid and reduce the flavours of your juice. If you concoct your e-liquids, pour the rest of the liquid into a coloured or opaque bottle for better preservation; the preservation of your homemade DIY e-liquid will be better.

Tip number 2: keep your e-liquid away from heat

We can compare the e-liquid to wine: it prefers cold to hot and a constant temperature. Heat can cause your liquid to age prematurely, while cold will thicken it slightly, but it will quickly regain its fluidity at room temperature. The vegetable glycerin ( VG ) contained in your bottle of e-liquid will tend to thicken slightly under the effect of the cold. The most practical solution to extend the life of your e-liquid would therefore be to place it in the refrigerator. The storage temperature of an ideal e-liquid is between 18 and 20°C. However, before vaping it, it should be left for a few hours at room temperature to warm it up and regain all its fluidity.

Tip number 3: keep your e liquids away from the air

We often forget it, but the oxygen in the air is also not favourable to the conservation of e-liquid for electronic cigarettes. Have the same logic as storing wine. Oxidation can alter this liquid. If you haven’t opened the bottle yet, this issue doesn’t concern you. Once opened and you have started to vape your e-liquid, if only a few millilitres, there is already this risk of oxidation. To avoid this oxidation, we advise you to take e-liquids in the small bottles and to finish the bottle before tasting another one. If you took a 200ml e-liquid, pour the liquid into several small 50ml bottles and make sure to fill each bottle well.

Tip number 4: put your e-liquid in the freezer

Some vapers will tell you that you can place your nicotine bases in the freezer. Indeed, you can do this very well if you have propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, or nicotine. These components do not freeze, unlike water. Your base, DIY e-liquid, aroma or e-liquid will thicken but will not freeze. You won’t risk making ice cubes with your DIY 1-litre base! For better conservation, it is always recommended to fill the bottle to the brim. The aromas are more complex when stored. Its flavours may change slightly after 12 to 18 months, even if you put them in the fridge or freezer. As aromas are not expensive, it would be a good idea to buy a bottle of them every time you need to refill your e-liquid. Before use, store them in the fridge or freezer and let them air out for a few hours to regain their fluidity.

How long can you keep your e-liquid?

It will take years for an e-liquid to deteriorate if you keep it in the best conditions. 

On vape products, you will find an optimal use-by date or a minimum durability date. It is much the same and the product in question, if you consume it after the date indicated, does not present any risk for consumption. You may still notice a loss in the rendering of flavours and characteristics. The e-liquid may have less flavour and in the context of smoking cessation, it may not be as effective. It would still be reasonable to consume the e-liquid for your e-cigarette before this indicated date, so as not to lose its complexity. Most manufacturers display a two-year BBD on e-liquids.

You now have all the cards in hand to keep your DIY aromas, DIY bases and e liquids for as long as possible.