Each vaper adopts a style of vaping according to his vape. Indeed, a vaper can seek to obtain the best flavour with an electronic cigarette or to make a maximum of vapour. The vape material or the liquid used will have a primordial role. Thanks to this article, you will know how to have more taste through an appropriate electronic cigarette.

The sensation of hit specific to the electronic cigarette can be felt differently depending on the vaper. This sensation in the throat that we are all looking for, the hit, can come from the flavour of a premium and complex e-liquid, from the rate of nicotine or an impressive production of vapour. The rendering of the flavour of an electronic cigarette is provided by the aromas of the e-liquid. Some more or less powerful flavours will give you the desired electronic cigarette taste. Nicotine which is a flavour enhancer will also enhance flavours and sensations.

The material is also an essential factor to optimize the taste of vaping: the reconstructable atomizer or clearomizer their design can play a big role in the rendering of flavours for electronic cigarettes or in the production of vapour.

Choose your electronic cigarette for flavours

If the hit in the electronic E-cigarette comes mainly from nicotine, for some vapers the flavours are all the more important. The hit that certain flavours can provide is not to be neglected and its effect helps with smoking cessation either. Three questions often come up: “how to have more taste with an electronic cigarette?”, “What is the best-flavoured coil vape?”, “which taste of vaper to choose?” The answer lies partly in the choice of equipment for your vaper. 

Why head for a “flavour” hit

As said before, nicotine is not the only element that can allow an electronic cigarette user to do without tobacco. Many brands of e liquids have moved towards complex and very elaborate recipes for the most demanding vapers. Some manufacturers also promote flavour by offering electronic cigarettes or clearomizers in indirect inhalation (MTL), promoting the perception of aromas. This type of MTL material is ideal for optimizing the desired electronic cigarette flavour.

 The taste used in your electronic cigarette can therefore play a very big role in the process of quitting smoking.

Like a nose in perfumery, each note of a complex e-liquid, or said premium, can bring this feeling of satiety and trigger what is called the reward system of the brain. You could also call it a flavour-headed hit. 

The vaper who prefers to optimize the taste of his electronic cigarette with mountains of vapour will therefore move more naturally towards American e-liquids with multiple flavours. But without the appropriate material, even the craziest of premium e liquids will not be able to exalt its full potential via your vaper. We advise you to opt for a versatile vape model, and that with an electronic cigarette ideal for beginners. But you can also enjoy the explosion of flavours of your electronic cigarette liquid with a suitable rebuildable atomizer.

Which electronic cigarette for flavours?

E-cigarette manufacturers have been able to improve over time the quality of their coils and the cotton used to create flavour-directed electronic cigarettes.

 To make the most of a premium e-liquid, you will have to go for an atomizer or clearomizer that is not too airy and has a narrower drip tip. The airflow adjustment will then also be important. On an aerial-type atomizer, care must be taken to tighten the air inlets for a more concentrated vapour in taste. The Nautilus 2 clearomiser from Aspire, for example, will perfectly fulfil all these criteria.


You can get a flavour-directed hit with a rebuildable atomizer, but you have to choose it well.

Rebuildable atomizers with the tank  ( RTA ) are the best placed to provide great sensations in terms of flavours. Then favour the RTA atomizers in a mono coil with an airflow not too big and a shorter chimney.

In this category, the Geekvape Zeus RTA atomizer plays in the big leagues and offers a hit with perfectly transmitted flavours. The electronic cigarette taste you are looking for can be measured via this type of material.

As for the drippers, you will have to opt for reduced air inlets and a narrower bell so as not to lose flavour with your electronic cigarette. The mono coil is always de rigueur and it is in our eyes the RDA drop dripper by Digiflavour that wins the prize for a flavour-directed hit!

 The advantage of a tasty vape is that it does not require very high power and resistances between 0.9 and 2.0 ohm will do the job perfectly. You will find ato / mod combos in our selection:  best electronic cigarette 2022.

Which e-liquid to choose?

For an electronic cigarette with flavour, the choice of e-liquid for vaping will also be important. We advise you to opt for an e-liquid in 50/50 PG/VG. This is the perfect compromise for a pleasant flavour rendering, the propylene glycol bringing out the aromas better. In terms of flavour, you will have to choose the liquid that will make your taste buds speak: the tastes and colours are unique to everyone.

Choose your e-cigarette for vapour 

Steam, more steam and more steam! There are many e-cigarettes today offering mind-blowing wattages and reconstructable atomizers supporting ever more power.

Choosing an e-cigarette for vapour

In recent years we have witnessed an impressive evolution of the e-cigarette and especially the one that would make the most vapour. And this is to the delight of cloud-chasing enthusiasts.

But why always more steam? The visual plays a very important role in quitting smoking, and these mountains of vapour can create as much satisfaction as the flavours of an electronic cigarette.

The hit created by the vapour of an electronic cigarette launched at full power is often very appreciated by more experienced vapers. And when rebuildable hardware is used, some knowledge of resistive wires is required.

Which e-cigarette for vapour?

When it comes to vapour production, vapers tend more naturally towards rebuildables. The rebuildable atomizer or dipper is ideal for creating a nice volume of vapour, but also perfect for enhancing the taste of an electronic cigarette liquid. And this is because it is possible to make tailor-made.

It will be necessary to link a good electronic mod offering great powers, or a mechanical mod, as well as good autonomy! Between dripper, RDTA and RTA the choices are multiple, but the resistive wire is chosen and the cotton will also play a very important role.

The recipe for a vapour-directed e-cigarette? A low resistance value, even more, exotic resistive wires, incredible assemblies and a suitable electro or mechanical Mod.

Vape manufacturers, such as Smoktech for example, have also been able to offer atomizers with pre-made coils that can produce maximum vapour and withstand high powers. For this, the airflow is wider and wide open, without forgetting an equally wide chimney and a drip-tip accordingly: shorter and wider. The TFV range is a great success in this category, especially with the TFV12 Prince Clearomiser by Smoktech.

For this type of material, we recommend the use of PEI drip tips for perfect heat insulation.

 E-liquid, vapour and VG

If the material and sometimes the knowledge in reconstructable are important, the rate of PG / VG of the e-liquid is also important to make a maximum of vapour. The VG (vegetable glycerin) will be the main ingredient of the e-liquid to be chosen like the 20/80 PG/VG e liquids. More vapour at the expense of flavours, but we will see in the next point that it is possible to combine the two.

Electronic cigarette between hit, flavour and vapour

Contrary to what one might think, electronic cigarette is not only flavour or vapour. There are multiple settings to nuance your vape and get a happy medium.

There is no perfect setting for an e-cigarette that combines hit, flavour and vapour. This will of course depend on what the vaper is looking for.

The choice of the drip tip, the adjustment of the air inlets and even the choice of the resistive wire in stainless steel or kanthal for the rebuildable can make it possible to transform an e-cigarette made for the production of vapour into a jewel of flavour.

Vape manufacturers have also been able to create hybrid e-cigarettes that can be using different resistances, and offer clouds of vapour or palettes of flavours and tastes for electronic cigarettes. And for some models, even link the two. The right material will be the one that will give you the desired electronic cigarette taste.

And you, rather flavour or steam vapour?