What Are The Advantages Of Electronic Cigarettes?

In a few years, vaping has become the most used and most effective method to quit smoking, relegating far behind patches or other nicotine gums. Why such a plebiscite? We are going to give you the reasons for the success of the electronic cigarette. There are many reasons to switch from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes.

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The essentials to know about liquid for electronic cigarettes


In terms of e-cigarettes, e-liquid is like fuel. He is the one who ensures the proper functioning of the device by producing vapour and the desired dose of nicotine. Composed of several elements namely propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, food flavouring, etc. Know that it is the more or less viscous solution that you can buy separately when vaping. Today, it is available in different formats with a wide variety of flavours and above all, with different levels of nicotine. Here is a complete guide on electronic cigarette liquid.

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A plane without a wing is unimaginable and indeed a clearomizer or atomizer without resistors is inconceivable! Essential consumables in the vape, the resistors can be prefabricated and therefore intended for clearomizers or to be built and therefore designed for atomizers. The resistance, also known as the coil, is the keystone of e-cigarette tanks. This consumable known by all vapers allows you to heat the liquid and generate steam! The resistor for the clearomizer and atomizer is an essential element that must be chosen with care to ensure a vape full of flavours and vapour.

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To stand out, manufacturers of electronic cigarettes compete in ingenuity. While some players in the vape concentrate on performance, by equipping their e-cigarettes with powerful chipsets, other creators rely on robustness! To differentiate themselves and to meet the demands of vapers, the major vaping brands do not hesitate to use materials that are resistant to drops and water. Thanks to these major advances, mobile users can bring their equipment to the most remote and hostile places. With the arrival of waterproof boxes, the fear of damaging your mod is only a distant memory.

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Often declined or directly taken from English, the language of the vape is a world in itself! It’s not always easy to find your way around when you’re just starting…

The mod means modified. Very popular when the electronic cigarette was launched, this term made it possible to differentiate between classic electronic cigarettes, of the cigalike type, and more advanced electronic cigarettes.

It must indeed be understood that at the origin of the electronic cigarette, the major players in the sector produced basic vaporizers which left no room for any possible customization. Enthusiasts, craftsmen at heart, then seized the electronic cigarette object to make changes that they considered essential.

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What are the least dangerous e liquids?

By quitting smoking, vapers wish to break with their addiction to tobacco and avoid all the toxic substances contained in cigarettes. With this in mind, they also want to vape the safest and most reliable e-liquid possible. What are the components to avoid when buying an e-cigarette liquid?

And what are the least dangerous e liquids on the market? This is what we will see in this article.

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