Are you starting to vape or have you been vaping for years? Be aware that the problem of e-liquid leakage is very common. Several factors can cause this to happen, but whatever the reason, the leak can usually be fixed within minutes, with minimal effort. In this article, find out how to avoid e-liquid leakage and how to fix the problem.

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Help, my electronic cigarette is getting hot!

Discover our advice series, which relates the typical problems that can arise with an electronic cigarette. “Help, my e-cig has a problem”  brings you practical solutions to all those technical problems that sometimes turn your vape into a nightmare. 

A friend has given you a brand new e-cig that is too beautiful, too powerful and super high-tech! The problem is that it is not adapted to your needs, your way of vaping, or your expectations. Suddenly, you choke or burn yourself with it, so the first reflex will be to take back your good old ego-t…, the vaper to which you were accustomed. How to fix it, how to stay true to what suits us?

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What are the dosages of a puff?

On the market, you will mainly find three strengths of nicotine. Disposable puffs have the particularity of using nicotine salts. This form comes closest to natural nicotine. For the vaper, it is softer in the throat and is quickly assimilated by the body. Please note that not all brands offer a variety of dosages.

  • Between 17 and 20 mg, this is equivalent to a classic cigarette. By vaping with this dosage, you will find the same sensation as with a traditional cigarette. It is also the highest dosage authorized in France.
  • Between 9 and 10 mg, this dosage is ideal for light smokers.
  • 0 mg, the puff does not contain nicotine.

The objective is to gradually reduce its dosage to be able to vape without nicotine.

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Why does my electronic cigarette no longer charge?

You are new to vaping and your electronic cigarette offers you an alternative to smoking cessation. With several hundred models and different batteries, the vape market offers a whole range of equipment that will have to be well maintained if you want to keep it over time. What are the rules to follow to avoid battery problems? Why is my battery no longer charging? What solutions exist when your battery is faulty?

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Electronic cigarette in summer: things to know

Summer is coming, no more scarves and coats and make way for flip-flops and fruity e liquids! Summer also rhymes with sun, sand and ocean, so many things that are good for our tan and morale, but not for our machines. Quitting smoking is an effort that continues even on vacation: to vape safely and make the most of your e-cigarette, we have concocted a list of tips for you to follow for the summer.

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The variety of flavours offered by the manufacturers of e-liquid for the vape is vast. Many of us have many bottles with various aromas. Many bottles are lying around in your drawers, your bags, on top of a shelf or in your cupboards. The bottles of e liquids, DIY bases and DIY aromas have a BBD and not a BBD; your liquids and other homemade preparations are therefore consumable over time.

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