The essentials to know about liquid for electronic cigarettes


In terms of e-cigarettes, e-liquid is like fuel. He is the one who ensures the proper functioning of the device by producing vapour and the desired dose of nicotine. Composed of several elements namely propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, food flavouring, etc. Know that it is the more or less viscous solution that you can buy separately when vaping. Today, it is available in different formats with a wide variety of flavours and above all, with different levels of nicotine. Here is a complete guide on electronic cigarette liquid.

The e-liquid in a few words!

In your e-cig, the e-liquid plays a leading role since it imitates the smoke of a classic cigarette to replace it. It then makes it possible to provide the daily dose of nicotine sought by the smoker to contribute to smoking cessation. However, it is a particularly effective nicotine substitute to avoid withdrawal symptoms. But the best part is that it also negates the inherent toxicity of combustion.

The e-liquid plays here the role of the vector of information for the brain because of the flavours it provides. The main reason the electronic cigarette has been so successful in recent years. Until then, no other nicotine substitute is as effective as e-liquid in helping an individual to quit smoking.

What is its composition?

To be able to imitate the smoke of classic cigarettes, the e-liquid has ingredients allowing it to fulfil this role. In all cases, the liquid consists of propylene glycol or PG, vegetable glycerin or VG as well as liquid nicotine. As needed, aromas are added to provide the flavour you are looking for. A few exceptions, however, are found with 100% VG liquids, whose base consists exclusively of vegetable glycerin. It is especially the choice of vapers looking for thicker smokes. 

Vegetable glycerin is a common consumer product that is used in particular in pharmaceutical products. The same goes for flavouring which is commonly used in yoghurts, syrups and pastries. Thank you moreover for these aromas which allow your e-liquid to have several flavours. Depending on your desires and preferences, you can find fruity, pastry, and vanilla flavours. Of course, you will be able to find menthol or tobacco flavours.

What does the law say about these liquids?

By legislation implemented in 2017, the manufacture of liquids for electronic cigarettes must now comply with regulations. Indeed, if the big famous brands in the field have always committed to producing e-liquids in certified laboratories, it is precisely to comply with AFNOR standards. 

The legislation specifically stipulates that e liquids containing nicotine must be marketed in a 10ml bottle, i.e. at a maximum of 20mg/ml. Also, manufacturers are obliged to declare the exact composition of their product while offering a safety data sheet to guarantee the traceability of the product.

Essential information to know about electronic cigarette liquid

If the law remains firm on the fact that nicotine liquids must be marketed in 10 ml bottles, it is not uncommon to find products in the form of packs at very competitive prices which are not illegal either. In this case, you can choose this format.

Moreover, nicotine boosters appeared as a result of this, in small vials of 10 ml of the base at 20mg/ml of nicotine. These allow you to concoct your liquids to meet your needs.