Tips for using and maintaining your electronic cigarette

Tips for using and maintaining your electronic cigarette

The electronic cigarette, like any electronic device, requires full knowledge of the terms of use and maintenance, therefore, the first advice that can be given is to carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions.

Three tips for using your electronic cigarette properly

Do not screw your e-cigarette too hard

Moreover, if there were to be any advice to remember for the use of an electronic cigarette, it is never to screw too hard and never to force when assembling or disassembling the various elements (drip tip, atomizer, resistance, clearomizer, battery). Indeed, tightening too hard when screwing the various elements could damage the threads, thus causing leaks and/or false contacts making your electronic cigarette unusable: tighten gently, until contact is no more!

Pay attention to the filling of the clearomiser

The second piece of advice relates to the filling of your cartridge or your clearomiser. Be careful never to put the e-liquid in contact with your skin, it is recommended to wear gloves. The filling of a cartridge is done in the simplest possible way by introducing the spout of the e-liquid bottle into the hole of the cartridge, (if the hole of the cartridge is smaller than that of the bottle of e-liquid use a suitable filler).

If you need to fill a clearomiser, proceed to the filling by tilting the clearomiser by 45° and letting the liquid enter the tank by making it flow along the wall, be careful not to put e-liquid in the central cylindrical part.

Whether it’s a cartridge or a clearomizer, never fill them, leave at least 10 to 15% of the contents empty.

What tools are useful for cleaning an electronic cigarette?

Have you recently bought an electronic cigarette to gradually wean yourself off tobacco? In this case, you should not forget to clean your electronic cigarette using suitable products and tools. These will not only allow you to extend the life of your electronic cigarette but also guarantee the quality of the e-liquid that you put in the tank of your electronic cigarette.

To find the perfect accessories for cleaning your electronic cigarette, you can simply go to websites specializing in electronic cigarettes or directly from the physical retailer where you purchased your e-cigarette. Besides, having the right tools and the right products is not enough. You will also need to follow a few steps to achieve optimal cleaning. Once you have become familiar with the appropriate tools and the tasks to be carried out to properly clean your electronic cigarette, you will be able to carry out future cleanings on your own. You may need to follow a tutorial or seek advice or tips from a professional near you. you.

The atomizer and the resistors

Tips for using and maintaining your atomizer 

The third piece of advice concerns the resistors, whether it is an atomizer or a wick resistor, there is a precaution to take during the 1st use: if your electronic cigarette works with an atomizer, pour 2-3 drops on the bevelled part, position the atomizer in its housing and insert the cartridge, let the atomizer bathe for about 15 minutes in the e-liquid before the 1st use (cigarette vertically if the atomizer is positioned on the battery side).

If it is resistant to wicks, fill the clearomiser with e-liquid and let the wicks soak for 15 minutes, clearomiser flat, before the 1st use.

Even after having respected this instruction during the 1st use, never heat the atomizer or the resistance with wicks empty, regularly check the level of filling of the liquid in the tank and make sure that the heating elements are always in contact with the liquid if necessary tilt the electronic cigarette during use.

Maintaining your battery

Finally let’s talk about where to buy a battery for vape, before the first use most manufacturers recommend charging the battery overnight (minimum 8 hours) even if it is partially charged when you unpack it, anyway, read the instructions carefully before the 1st use. Thereafter, avoid recharging your battery too frequently and try to empty it before recharging, to avoid unpleasant surprises, buy a battery.

If your battery does not work immediately, it is probably locked. To unlock it, press the operating button five times consecutively.

Last advice concerning your battery, when you vape, do not hold the battery operation button in the on position for more than 5 consecutive seconds, you risk creating overheating and damaging the atomizer or the wick resistance. Similarly when you carry your electronic cigarette (often in a pocket) remember to lock the battery operation (5 consecutive presses on the operating button) to avoid creating prolonged heating which would damage the device. 

Maintaining your e-cigarette

As for the maintenance of your electronic cigarette, you can wash the cartridges, reservoirs and atomizer with water. Once the elements have been cleaned, blow out the remaining moisture and place them on an absorbent paper.

Several sites announce replacement intervals for the various elements of the electronic cigarette (cartridges every 1.5 months, clearomizers every 2 months, atomizers every 3 to 5 weeks, wick resistance every 2 to 3 weeks, battery every 4 to 6 months,…), in reality, there are no rules, it depends on your use. It is with use that you will determine the elements to be replaced, a burnt taste will be the sign of an atomizer or a wick resistance to be replaced, and signs of leaks or an altered taste invite you to replace the cartridge or the tank of the clearomizer and a shortened vaping time over reloads will lead you to consider replacing the battery.

Obviously, as with any electronic device, avoid shocks, dust, ambient humidity and exposure to extreme temperatures.