First of all, don’t worry, you don’t need to be a physicist to start vaping, I’ll explain to you in a few words. Before going into the laws of physics, let’s start at the beginning.

How does an electronic cigarette work?

It is often said that it is the simplest invention that works best and the electronic cigarette confirms this adage.

Indeed, contrary to the first impressions of customers, it is a very simple principle that allows the electronic cigarette to work! Indeed there is so much material available for so many different profiles that one could get lost but the system is almost always identical and only the final feeling varies!

To summarize in all simplicity, the vapour released by an electronic cigarette comes from the e-liquid which vaporizes under the effect of heat. When you press the “fire” button on your battery, it sends energy into the tank which contains a resistor. It is composed of a metal wire in contact with cotton. During use, it is therefore the wire that heats up and at the same time the cotton that is around the wire. The liquid soaking the cotton is transformed into vapour under the effect of the heat and is inspired in the mouth thanks to the inhalation. CQFD!

And now let’s go into a bit more detail.

And for that the easiest way is to start the famous Ohm’s law

Above all, don’t worry if the 2nd year physics lessons are far away, you will understand everything.

Knowing Ohm’s law should allow you to find the best wattage for your electronic cigarette and avoid the unpleasant taste because you will have burned your resistance.  

Ohm’s famous law:  U = RI

  • “U” is your battery voltage (in volts: V)
  • “R” is the resistance of the clearomizer (in Ohm: Ω)
  • “I” is the intensity of the current flowing through your resistor (in ampere: A)
  • And we add the “W” which is the power in Watt of your cigarette for a second known equation P = U*I. The Watts correspond to the speed of current flow which acts directly on the temperature of the resistance

You combine the 2 and it gives you: P=U²/R

What is it for my vaping experience?

Each vaper is different and seeks a feeling that is most pleasant to him.

And for that, you will play on the power of your cigarette.

The higher your power, the stronger your feeling in the throat called hit will be, but also you will have a lot more vapour. And to increase the power you will have to adapt the resistance.

For all resistors, there are “ranges” of powers to be respected so that the electronic cigarette delivers the right intensity without harming the resistance to prevent it from giving way.

In summary, the greater the OHMS of the resistance, the lower the power will be thanks to the formula P=U²/R

As I like to say the stronger the less the stronger.

Example a resistance of 1 ohm can vape between 10 and 15watts

A resistance of 0.12 ohm can vape up to 120 watts

My expert view will therefore advise you to always respect the power (in best) indicated on your resistors. If you want a “big” vape, you have to adjust your resistances and have the electronic cigarette that suits you best.

I also advise vaping with a little more power, it allows you to have a sensation in the throat and avoids putting too much nicotine.

If you vape at 15 watts to have a low sensation in the throat, you will put 12mg of nicotine or even more, while if you vape above 50 watts the hit in the throat will be present so in 3 or 6mg of nicotine it will give you the same sensation. The goal of the vape is still to get away from nicotine as much as possible.

Volt comes out of this body the vape it’s very simple I go there without fear

I wish you all a good vape