What are the least dangerous e liquids?

By quitting smoking, vapers wish to break with their addiction to tobacco and avoid all the toxic substances contained in cigarettes. With this in mind, they also want to vape the safest and most reliable e-liquid possible. What are the components to avoid when buying an e-cigarette liquid?

And what are the least dangerous e liquids on the market? This is what we will see in this article.

The right reflexes for vaping

By quitting tobacco, you may be tempted to drastically reduce your nicotine consumption by opting for e liquids with little nicotine or without nicotine.

Take care not to lower the nicotine level too much at the beginning: you may tend to consume more e-liquid! Start by estimating the nicotine level needed according to your profile as a light, medium or heavy smoker. You can then gradually lower the nicotine level and even vape e-liquids without nicotine.

Another point of vigilance is the proportion of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) of your e cigarette liquid. The e liquids rich in vegetable glycerin or 100% VG vaporize quickly: favour an electronic cigarette liquid with a good PG/VG balance.

Finally, prefer electronic cigarettes e liquids containing natural aromas, as well as mono-aromas. Compared to complex flavours, the latter emit fewer VOCs – volatile organic compounds. The multiplicity of aromas amplifies the number of molecules and therefore the quantity of VOCs. This phenomenon also concerns additives, apart from neotame.

What are the ingredients to avoid?

Electronic cigarette liquids contain several components, but some, in particular, are to be avoided. It’s about :

  • diacetyl, the cause of lung disease
  • acetoin, which converts to diacetyl
  • acetyl propionyl, also susceptible to developing breathing problems
  • dyes, unnecessary

If you find e-cigarette liquids containing these substances, it is best not to consume them. To be sure to make the right choice, rely on brands that display the composition of their products with transparency and clarity.

Check the origin and composition of your e-liquid

For your e liquids, favour products made by companies that pay attention to the manufacturing process and that respect the regulations in force. There are many references to electronic cigarette liquid on the market. 

The last point to check, make sure your bottles have a childproof cap!

Make your e-liquid thanks to DIY

Thanks to DIY, it is also possible to make your e liquid. Thus, you are free to dose your e-liquid with few aromas and without any additives! Composing your DIY e-liquid gives you perfect control of the product to vape in complete serenity, according to your choice.

Finally, if you are new to vaping, do not lose sight of your main objective! Compared to the content and number of toxic substances contained in a traditional cigarette, vaping involves infinitely less risk.