How to buy, maintain and change its resistance?

Containing neither tobacco nor combustion, it is through the heat emitted by the resistance integrated into an atomizer, or a clearomizer, that a vape can produce the aerosol which is specific to it. It is this beautiful haze of smoke obtained after inhaling an electronic cigarette. The resistance of the latter consists of a metal wire extended with a wick which produces heat when the electric current passes through it. Overall, its main function is to transform the e-liquid into vapour.

What you need to know about the coils of electronic cigarettes

For a more detailed explanation and without going into the very technical jargon of electronics, at first sight, the resistance specific to the electronic cigarette is formed by a heating part and a wick. The latter is the part soaked in the liquid. It also has two poles that will carry the electric current supplied by the battery of the device.

Before starting the e-cig, it is better to get as much information as possible to avoid accidents that are often caused by harmless gestures. Most are indeed due to incorrect handling or installation of your device and can therefore cause intense burns. Also, it is necessary to take into account the value of the power of your resistance.

In the same vein, it is important to know that for the same battery voltage of an e-cig, if its value is low, the production of vapour will be substantial. On the market, there are electronic cigarettes that offer options for adjusting this resistance. If it is too high or, on the contrary, too low, the risk of a short circuit may occur. This essential accessory for a vaper should not be underestimated.

To avoid this type of error, it is better to opt for automatic devices or indicator lights. Even better, choosing an e-cig that has low-voltage protection would be even wiser. In addition to managing its electronic power supply, it is also possible to adjust the incoming airflow so as not to break the resistance filament to the point of damaging it. With all these models of devices being available on our site, you will have a wide choice to fully enjoy the pleasures of vaping.

How to intelligently choose the resistance of your clearomiser?

Whether for the volumes of vapours, the respect of the flavours of any e-liquid or its lifespan, the resistance is an essential accessory to perfect the quality of vaping.

There is a wide variety of brands that offer resistances adapted to the needs of each vaper. We thus distinguish those with low resistance, dedicated to Mods and e-cigs with high power which have a direct impact on the temperature of the vapour; then those of high resistance which require more the use of the filament of the resistance and will accentuate the limit of its lifespan.

Also, note that the atomizer or clearomizer heads may vary and the resistances they support are also different. We thus distinguish:

  • Dual Coils which carry two resistances or can carry two
  • Single Coils which can carry only one resistance

As for the different types of resistors, we have:

  • The Sub-Ohm are very low-value resistors
  • The BDC or Bottom Dual Coil which is doubled resistors placed under the clearomiser
  • The OCC or Organic Cotton Coil designating the resistors designed with organic cotton
  • The BVC or Bottom Vertical Coil which are vertical resistors placed below the  clearomiser

Cleaning and maintaining your resistance

Before going into details, it is important to note that most of the time, the problem with the coils concerns more their clogging and nothing more, since it alters your vaping performance.

For cleaning the coil of your e-cig, several quick techniques and tips can be performed. The most experienced vapers choose to use 90% ethanol, leaving it to soak until the descaling renders a transparent colouring. The resistance is then dried with cotton wool and put in the open air to avoid any humidity or aftertaste while vaping.

Apart from this inexpensive but effective technique, another alternative (prohibited since April 2015) can be made with the Dry Burn technique. It is cleaned by burning a tiny part of the liquid residues around the resistance. This process is completely complete when there is no more smoke coming out of the clearomiser.

Cleaning can’t always fix issues with your vape’s resistance capabilities. Generally, it is smarter to change it and even to replace the entire clearomizer for more safety. Also, some signs necessarily announce that it is no longer useful to clean the resistance, but directly to change it. First, when you vape, you can no longer feel the aromatic taste of your e-liquid, a bit as if it had no more flavour, but a rather pronounced taste of burnt coffee emerges. Secondly, when there is a low quantity and a low density when the volume of the vapour decreases. Third, when there is no reaction from your resistance when the e-cig battery activation button is triggered.