Choose between all these resistors: Single or double coil? TC, NI, TI, SS?

First of all, it seems important to define what a coil is . Behind this technical name, there is a very simple component. Indeed, the coil designates the resistance found on an electronic cigarette.

The resistor thus takes the form of a metallic resistive wire similar to a coil ; hence its name “ coil ”. The latter is also composed of a cotton soaked in vape liquid . By the action that the battery will produce on the resistance , the resistive wire will heat up and cause the vaporization of the e-liquid . The coil, therefore, plays an essential role in the operation of an e-cigarette. Moreover, at both ends of this wire, there are fixing tabs which allow it to be easily integrated on your atomizer or clearomizer.. 

As it is used, the state of the resistance of your e-cigarette will naturally deteriorate and it will need to be replaced after a while . Improper use of your vape device can also lead to faster damage to your coil ; which will force you to have to replace it prematurely. It is therefore recommended not to exceed the heating temperature, nor the Watts recommended on your resistance ; if you want to preserve its integrity as long as possible. Furthermore, it is strongly advised not to heat your resistance when empty; when your e-liquid tank is almost empty.Our article on e-liquid lifts tells you everything :

The different types of coils 

You should know that there are different types of coils (single and double). Of course, these have advantages and disadvantages. Thus, depending on your vape preferences, you are free to choose the type of coil that suits you the most. 

Single coil

As its name suggests, the simple coil is composed of a single resistor . It has a classic configuration found on most electronic box models . Logically, a configuration comprising a single coil is required to consume less energy than a double coil configuration ; since the energy of the accumulator is transmitted to a single resistor . On the other hand, the single on-board resistor will take a little longer to heat up and vaporize the e-liquid contained in the tank of your electronic cigarette.. In addition, you will naturally take longer to consume your vape liquid than with a double coil ; since only one cotton wick will be in contact with your e-liquid . The volume of vapor produced with a simple coil is also less important and the rendering of the hit, less pronounced.

The simple coil will thus be more than enough to meet the needs of vapers who seek to favor the autonomy of their vaper , rather than enjoying the best performance. On the other hand, more demanding vapers will be more likely to turn to a dual coil system .

Double Coil

Your vaping device can also be equipped with an atomizer or clearomizer, which has two resistors. We then speak of double coil . This type of coil is for its part, reserved for users wishing to have optimal performance. Indeed, since two resistors are present in the clearomiser or the atomiser and the battery supplies each of them, the power output is necessarily higher. The heating speed of your electronic cigarette is thus increased with two resistors. However, who says more power, also says greater energy consumption. This is why your accumulator will need to be recharged more frequently than if you only had one coil. 

Consumers who vape for pleasure and who wish, for example, to produce large clouds of smoke, will be more inclined to use two resistors . Indeed, the vaporization of the e-liquid takes place much faster than with a single-coil, since two wicks are in direct contact with said vape liquid . This will thus have the effect of naturally producing a greater quantity of vapor for the greatest pleasure of amateurs! In addition, beginner vapers who wish to begin nicotine withdrawal by regularly lowering the dose, will want to find at first glance a powerful hit in the mouth; which reminds them of the sensation of the cigarette. In this, having a double resistance can be a wise choice, because the heating power delivered will be more likely to reproduce the expected hit. 

Finally, when replacing your coil , you will have to change not one but two resistors . This implies a higher budget than if you were operating with a configuration comprising a single coil .

Which resistances to choose according to the adjustment modes?

Depending on the model of electronic cigarette you opt for, you will have to turn to a single or double resistance (depending on your preferences) compatible. To do this, refer to the instructions for use attached to your vaping device and be sure to scrupulously follow the instructions, by equipping yourself with a resistor with a suitable Ohm value.

In addition, it is interesting to note that depending on the settings modes on board your e-cigarette , some resistors will be more suitable than others. Indeed, if your device has modes that allow you to regulate your vaping experience, by providing more or less heat or power (expressed in Watts or Volts ), you can turn to resistors that have a higher Ohm at 1 . Depending on the model of electronic box you have, certain types of resistors will be incompatible. Also, if it is not possible to adjust the Wattsor the voltage on the battery of your vaping machine , you will have to prioritize a resistance greater than 1.5 Ohm .

Finally, you must have a specific coil to be able to use the modes present on your e-cigarette . Indeed, if the wire of your resistance is in titanium , nickel , stainless steel or nichrome , then you will be able to use the temperature control modes ( TC , NI , TI , SS ). On the other hand, if it is in kanthal , you will only be able to use the VW ( Watts ) or VV ( Volts ) modes . You always set the right power for your coils.