Each vaper has different vaping habits and the consumption of the liquid from your electronic cigarette will depend on several factors and on your way of vaping. A change of material, a modification of the nicotine level of the e-liquid or the choice of a new flavour, will lead to changes in the consumption of e-liquid. We take stock of the different reasons that can cause “abnormal” consumption of vaping liquid. 

An increase in e-liquid consumption according to your vaping habits

One of the first reasons for the increase in liquid consumption is the change in the level of nicotine present in the e-liquid. Indeed, if you decrease the dosage of nicotine, your body will need time to adapt. This is why it is recommended to gradually reduce nicotine so as not to create a craving. Otherwise, this feeling of lack, associated with the reduction of the “ hit ”, will be compensated by greater consumption of liquid.

Our advice: if you notice an excessive increase in your consumption of liquid, you can return to your old nicotine level and then reduce the nicotine in stages, to avoid compensating for the lack by overconsumption of e-cigarette liquid.

An increase in e-liquid consumption depending on your vape material

Another cause of the increased consumption of e-liquid can be due to the battery, the clearomizer or the resistors. If you wish to reduce the nicotine level of your liquid, we advise you to choose a high-performance material to compensate for the loss of the hit.  

Good to know: a powerful battery with low resistances will cause a greater quantity of e-liquid to be vaporized to create more vapour. On the other hand, a powerful battery with good resistances will lead to higher consumption of e-liquid.

Our advice: do not hesitate to vary your vaping equipment according to the time of day or your desires. Why not use your most powerful and e-liquid-intensive equipment when you need it?

What is the normal consumption of e-liquid?

On average, a 10ml bottle lasts about 5-6 days for a person who vapes every day, with resistance between 1.8 and 2 ohms, a classic battery and a PG/VG rate between 50/50 and 80 /20.

Generally, a so-called normal consumption corresponds to 5-6 vials of 10 ml per month. However, if the resistance of the e-cigarette is less than 1.6 ohm, the consumption of e-liquid may be higher, even doubled or tripled with a resistance less than or equal to 0.5 ohms, a liquid of 20/ 80 and a powerful battery.

Who says excess consumption of liquid says excessive consumption of nicotine. Therefore, the effects of using too much can be felt in the form of nausea or headaches that will go away as soon as you stop vaping. And depending on the PG/VG rate of the vape e-liquid, excessive consumption may cause slight irritation of the throat.

Our advice: choose an e-liquid with a PG/VG rate that suits your consumption and that is adapted to your vape material. For this, go to our article dedicated to the choice of the PG/VG rate according to your e-liquid.