To stand out, manufacturers of electronic cigarettes compete in ingenuity. While some players in the vape concentrate on performance, by equipping their e-cigarettes with powerful chipsets, other creators rely on robustness! To differentiate themselves and to meet the demands of vapers, the major vaping brands do not hesitate to use materials that are resistant to drops and water. Thanks to these major advances, mobile users can bring their equipment to the most remote and hostile places. With the arrival of waterproof boxes, the fear of damaging your mod is only a distant memory.


It is not uncommon to find that some vapers have had to say goodbye to their e-cigarette after it has fallen into the water… This tragedy, which generally occurs in the summer on the beaches of the South, has given manufacturers ideas: designing a waterproof electronic cigarette! It was GeekVape who opened the ball by launching the Aegis mod. Revolutionary, the latter can withstand the most dangerous falls, dust and water. All-terrain, the Aegis box was quickly followed by other creations from¬† Wismec or Vaporesso. Able to withstand submersion of one meter for 30 minutes, waterproof cigarettes have a silicone coating that ensures optimal sealing.¬†

The manufacturers have not omitted any detail and have also thought of positioning seals on the battery doors and designing a silicone cover to hide the USB port! If waterproof electronic cigarettes can leave some vapers sceptical, it is clear that they fulfil their role perfectly by meeting strict standards.


Far from being a simple marketing stunt, waterproof electronic cigarettes are a real plus for users who love thrills. To be sure to have a mod that is resistant to shocks, dust and water, they can trust manufacturers who meet the IP67 standard! Very strict, this protection index classifies, on an international scale, the level of protection of materials. The first digit indicates protection against solid bodies such as dust. The second number indicates the level of protection against liquids. The maximum protection index against solid bodies is 6. That against liquids is 8. Waterproof electronic cigarettes which are IP67 certified therefore have real capacities to resist external attacks!


Manufacturers who have dared to embark on the design of waterproof electronic cigarettes have, without a shadow of a doubt, been one step ahead of their competitors. These mods are not simple gadgets, they are a real plus for vapers. Thanks to these waterproof e-cigarettes, users can leave with peace of mind and be sure to come back with a mod in perfect condition.