The crackle you hear when you activate the switch can be cause for concern! Between gurgling and crackling, don’t panic, follow all the editorial advice.

The crackle of your cigarette is normal

The crackle of your electronic cigarette is not abnormal. Indeed, the battery allows to heat the resistance, the e-liquid rises in temperature to allow the vaporization of your e-liquid. On the other hand, if the crackling is accompanied by other inconveniences, it is necessary to act. Do not hesitate to consult the vaping instructions, for use with complete peace of mind.

In which cases to worry?

If the crackling is accompanied by gurgling or splashing of liquid in the mouth, this is a sign that you are having problems using your electronic cigarette.

The right things to do:

Clean your E-cigarette

A thorough and thorough cleaning should be done regularly. You can clean with water all the components that are not in contact with your resistance, for example, the drip tip, the top cap… Take care to dry all the components well before reassembling your cigarette and loading it in e-liquid.

Change your resistance

A resistance that gurgles is a resistance that is too soaked with liquid. Contrary to the dry hit, where the resistance to heat without being sufficiently soaked, the resistance which gulps is drowned in e-liquid. If you install a new coil, don’t forget to prime it with a few drops of e-liquid.

Check your settings

On each resistor, the manufacturers indicate the value at which it should be used. Check that your power is suitable for the resistance installed.

Learn to vape

The draw is different from a traditional cigarette. Smoking reflexes push you to pull hard and fast. With an electronic cigarette, you should favor long and soft puffs. Spacing the puffs is also important to allow your coil to have enough time to vaporize the e-liquid.

To avoid condensation, vape gently while inhaling, remember to release the switch button while continuing to inhale for a few seconds. Thus all the steam contained in the chimney will have time to be evacuated.

Finally, be careful not to vape in the lying down position, some E-cigarettes don’t like that at all. For some models, it is preferable to vape in a vertical position, so that the resistance is sufficiently soaked in liquid without rising liquid.

In the meantime, good vape to all!