Help, my electronic cigarette is getting hot!

Discover our advice series, which relates the typical problems that can arise with an electronic cigarette. “Help, my e-cig has a problem”  brings you practical solutions to all those technical problems that sometimes turn your vape into a nightmare. 

A friend has given you a brand new e-cig that is too beautiful, too powerful and super high-tech! The problem is that it is not adapted to your needs, your way of vaping, or your expectations. Suddenly, you choke or burn yourself with it, so the first reflex will be to take back your good old ego-t…, the vaper to which you were accustomed. How to fix it, how to stay true to what suits us?


Sometimes switching from an old generation e-cig (ego-t) to a newer one (Sub Ohm) requires some adjustments.

Indeed, your new device is more powerful, so it heats faster and stronger with lower resistances (Sub Ohm), which are in contact with more cotton. The goal is to produce as much steam as possible, for more taste, more hits and therefore more pleasure.

But this system also requires a modification of your vape. 

Thus, to avoid having too hot a vapour which would be unpleasant to inhale and devoid of any flavour, it must be cooled. This is where the airflow system comes into play. 

How to do it?

Thus, it is the airflow that plays an essential role in cooling your vapour.

By opening the air vents of your clearomiser / atomiser, you will have the possibility of cooling the vapour. For more comfort in the mouth, in the throat, and what is called good restitution of flavours. 

But for that, forget the indirect draw! The cigarette-like way of inhaling. This is what will cause choking and other violent coughs with each aspiration. During an indirect draw, first, we bring the vapour into the mouth, then a second time, we swallow it. This is when the very dense and hot steam blocks the throat, which will not let it pass without coughing.

However, with a sub-ohm, you will have to favour a direct draw. What is that? During a direct inhalation, the vapour does not remain in the mouth in any case since you are inhaling directly. And there, hop magic, we no longer cough. The direct draft will create a greater airflow to cool the vapour and increase the size of our cloud. What vapers generally seek and appreciate. 

The most important thing is always to have equipment adapted to your way of doing things. And then, during the purchase, to benefit from a really good professional advice to adopt the right reflexes. What pleases one will not necessarily be what suits another… As in life, each vaper is unique and has its own needs. Do not forget…