If your e-cig doesn’t work, don’t panic! Here’s some tips what to do

Sometimes it seems that nothing works, nothing reacts, and your e-cig seems to be at a standstill. And of course, no time to go to the store. In short, the day promises to be bad!


So nothing reacts. You press the switch button, nothing.

Worse, no vapour is released, even though you have a vaporizer in your hands. 

You inspect the screen of your box, and the gibberish that appears tells you nothing worthwhile, a choice between low atomizer/check atomizer/no atomizer/flashing led….  

And yet, if all these messages have a very precise meaning, 8 times out of 10 it is only a false contact. 

But then, how to fix it?

What to do?

The bad contact is between your tank and the battery. Start by unscrewing and then screwing back the tank. If that doesn’t fix the problem, then open it.

Disassemble then reassemble your resistance (it is often poorly screwed). Put the tank back on the battery and 8 out of 10 times the error message will be gone.

If the malfunction persists then:

– your resistance is too low to be recognized by your battery (check the compatibility between the two)

– your resistance is faulty (only if the problem is not intermittent)

– you forgot to put a resistor in your tank (don’t laugh, it’s quite common and it happens more often than you think)

– you have run out of battery or your device has gone into protection mode (this scenario is only for e-cigs without a screen)

– your mod or your battery is defective (chipset failure, breakage or fouling of pin 510)

Proceed step by step, to check what is the source of the problem. In principle, it will be settled before you even have had time to get upset. 

So, all good? This time your e-cig is on, and functional and you can attack your day of vaping with a light heart? We sincerely hope so… and if not, then a little phone call or a visit to the store to repair or replace what can be.