Are you starting to vape or have you been vaping for years? Be aware that the problem of e-liquid leakage is very common. Several factors can cause this to happen, but whatever the reason, the leak can usually be fixed within minutes, with minimal effort. In this article, find out how to avoid e-liquid leakage and how to fix the problem.

Why is your electronic cigarette leaking?

Have you started vaping an electronic cigarette and found yourself with liquid in your mouth? Of course, this is not pleasant and you should know that the liquid should not be swallowed. The most common cause for this is that there is a leak of liquid in the cartridge or chamber of the cigarette. Thus, the liquid seeps into your mouth through the mouthpiece and it leaves a bitter taste. Sometimes it stings a bit.

Generally, the tank leaks due to improper filling of the tank, more precisely when you pour the liquid into the chimney of your e-cigarette. So, you have to be careful when you fill the tank and if ever, you have spilt liquid in the chimney, you can clean it with a paper towel. In addition, a leak can also be caused by a tear in the O-ring, a rubber ring that is located at the top and bottom of the tank. In this case, it must be changed, but don’t worry, because you can easily find it in your e-cigarette shop. In addition, you can remove and mount it yourself. Also, if you store your cigarette in a horizontal position, it can cause the device to leak. Indeed, when the tank is laid on its side for a long time, the liquid tends to flow into the ventilation holes of the device. To remedy this, simply avoid leaving your device in a horizontal position.

Other reasons can also cause a leak, to name only prolonged disuse and pressure variation (air travel, altitude, etc.). Indeed, the e-liquid is very sensitive to pressure and if you put it on hold, there is a great risk that it will leak.

How do detect possible e-liquid leaks?

The best way to detect leaks on an electronic cigarette is to listen to the noise it makes. Indeed, when you vape regularly with the same material, you get used to the noise it makes and when it makes a strange noise, you notice it directly. Also, most tanks are opaque, so you won’t be able to check for a leak by looking at them. For example, when your device becomes silent, it is quite possible that it has no more power or that the level of e-liquid is too high. This could be due to a leak, but it could also be that the fluid level is too high.

In addition, you can also use the feeling to detect the leak. For example, if your e-cigarette continues to sizzle after you inhale without pressing the button, there may be a leak and there is no more e-liquid in your tank.

What to do in case of e-liquid leakage?

First of all, you have to stop vaping when you detect a leak. The suction participates in fact in the supply of liquid to the resistance and if you continue to vape, you will add more liquid to the resistance while it may be drowned. Then, if you want to quickly get rid of the excess e-liquid on the coil, just shake the electronic cigarette down. However, if this method does not work, you must completely disassemble your device. To remove liquids on the resistance, simply clean with a tissue.

In addition,  the leak can also come from a defective coil. Indeed, if the latter is damaged, it will not be able to evacuate the liquid and this will cause the tank to leak through the air circulation holes. Thus, it is essential to always check the coil and replace it, if necessary.

Finally, you must maintain your tank regularly, even when there is no leak. If you don’t do this, the juice residue will accumulate and this may damage the seal of the tank. The tank should also be cleaned regularly. To do this, simply rinse it with cold water and then let it air dry. If you maintain your electronic cigarette regularly and use it correctly, there is less risk of leakage.