For a few years now, we have seen a new type of cigarette: the electronic cigarette. With more and more followers every year, the electronic cigarette has become the new trend of the moment. If you are curious, here is the guide which will make you discover up and down what is called electronic cigarettes.


The electronic cigarette or the vape is a new generation device that allows you to vaporize vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Most often, this mixture is flavoured and sometimes it even incorporates another ingredient which is nicotine. To go back to the origin of the electronic cigarette, you have to look back to the 1950s.

Among the many questions that arise when it comes to the e-cigarette, there is the question: where does the vapour come from? To have steam, the electronic cigarette needs what is called “e-liquid”. The latter is what gives the electronic cigarette its cigarette side. The “e-liquid” is as its name suggests a liquid containing a perfume, sometimes nicotine, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. You introduce this liquid into a “clearomiser” in order to soak a fiber connected to a resistance. When you press the button of an electronic cigarette, the resistance heats the fibre which is soaked in e-liquid. It is under the effect of the heat produced by the resistance that the liquid heats up and produces steam.

The different types of electronic cigarettes

  •         The tube mod: is the most common and best-selling model of electronic cigarettes. It is cylindrical and has a large capacity battery that can be removed for daily use, which is its charm and why it is so popular. Its little extra is that it has a function that allows you to change the flavour of e-liquids to vary the pleasures a little and have a vaporizer to your taste and personalize it to your image.
  •         The cigalike: it is the oldest model of e-cigarettes. First of all, its name “cigalike” comes from the English “cig-a-like” which can be translated as “resembling a cigarette” so its shape imitates that of traditional cigarettes. Very attractive at first glance, the small downside is that it offers little autonomy and even less steam. Moreover, the cigar-like only works if the e-liquid that is used is compatible with the brand of the cigar-like. That is to say, if you buy an e-liquid that is not of the same brand as your cigar-like, it does not work.

 The box mod: the “box mod” is like the “tube mod” but it’s just a question of form. Indeed, the box mod is rectangular or square. Its great strength lies in the fact that by its shape it can contain several removable batteries, which increases its autonomy.

The pod mod: the “pod mod” works on the same principle as that of the cig alike. Its shape is recognizable because it is like a USB stick and by this shape, it can be carried in a pocket. Its plus is its power and the amount of steam it gives, however it has a very low autonomy (the sharp side of power) which forces its users to charge it regularly. Just like the cigalike, it only works if the brand of e-liquid is compatible with the brand of the pod mod.

E-cigarettes and health

It is completely legitimate for you to ask yourself questions about the effects of “e-cigarettes” on your health. The answer to the question: is it dangerous for my health? The answer is yes. Just like normal cigarettes, it can cause damage to your overall health. According to studies carried out on the electronic cigarette, several people (20% of those questioned) are afraid of having lung cancer even more quickly with it than with a normal cigarette. Some doctors are even campaigning for electronic cigarettes to be banned from the market.

To the second question: is it effective for quitting smoking? The answer is yes. Although many people are not convinced, it may be necessary for a normal smoker who is looking for a solution to quit smoking. Indeed, the electronic cigarette is an effective way to quit smoking thanks to the fact that it uses steam. It, therefore, limits the daily consumption of nicotine and helps the body to wean itself gently from this addiction. However, the best way to quit smoking is first to have the desire to stop smoking and then to have the will to quit. Even if the e-cig is a way to get there, it remains only a more or less effective way. The first step is to realize that smoking is very bad for your health and then to have the courage to say stop.

The electronic cigarette is a way like any other to quit smoking. Although some people find it hard to admit, it is effective in starting to quit smoking. Also, the most important thing is to quit smoking and the means to achieve this depends only on your choices.