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V2 Pro: The very core of the product

V2 Pro: The very core of the product

The V2 Pro Series 3 includes the most creative design to be seen in an e-cigarette. Although tobacco and herb vaporizers utilize stocked eGo batteries, the V2 Pro is — as far as known — the only vaporizer designed from the ground up to handle e-liquid, loose leaf and essential oils or solid nicotine products.

This makes the V2 Pro the perfect alternative, for example, if you reasonably have concerns about a possible coming ban on flavored e-liquids. If you should ever be unable to receive e-liquid and need a way to continue getting nicotine without smoking, you’ll already have it.

Currently, though, it doesn’t look like e-cigarettes will disappear any time soon — and the more demand they gain in the market, the more difficult it will be for legislaters to get rid of them. So, what’s more important is whether the V2 Pro Series 3 is the right e-cigarette for you at the present moment. Having spent much time with the V2 Pro, you will realize that it is a truly important device in many ways.

If you use a two-part e-cigarette or a mod, you atick to a constant cycle of battery management because your device doesn’t work while a battery is charging unless you have a spare one. If you use a device with a permanent internal battery, you probably encounter less than satisfying vapor generation — a problem that the V2 Pro somehow manages to avoid and does it brilliantly.