The eFox eGo Kit

The eFox eGo Kit

As we mentioned above, eFox isn’t simply attempting to appeal to beginning e-smokers with its rebranded product lineup. They also have two kits based on the much larger eGo e-cigarette model, oriented on experienced e-smokers searching for improved vapor generation and battery life.


The Pyrex clearomizer is a major step forward in the world of cartomizer tanks, as the elimination of plastic means that you can use the eFox eGo e-cigarette without the off flavors that plastic can cause.

However, eFox doesn’t offer replacement atomizer coils for the Pyrex clearomizer as a separate purchase. However, the clearomizer itself costs not much and includes two coils. Each coil should work properly for about one month.

Because the eFox eGo kits include no e-liquid, they’re a bit of a tough sell for new e-smokers. For newcomers, are recommended the kits that are ready to go when you receive them — no components that you have to fill yourself, and no complicated assembly to worry about.

The eFox eGo kits don’t perform these requirements. However, these kits can be recommended if you’re an inveterate e-smoker ready to step up from your first mini e-cigarette. The Pyrex tank eliminates the off flavors, which contributes to a great e-smoking experience.