iQos cigarettes

The IQOS cigarettes holder heats the HeatStick for about six minutes and smoking a heat stick is in many ways similar to smoking a normal cigarette.

The IQOS cigarettes HeatSticks are sold under the name Heets and come in three variants. The orange “full-flavored” version, a yellow “light” and a blue menthol variant.

The IQOS cigarettes holder contains the secret of the system, a heating element that heats the tobacco to 300 degrees.

After retracting the heat stick, turn it on with the push button, after which a green LED will flash. After 10-20 seconds the heating element is heated up and you can “smoke”.

After about five minutes the LED turns orange and you have 30 seconds (or two strokes) before the element switches off.

By sliding the top of the holder upwards you can then easily remove the used heat stick.

After use, the holder is placed back in the charger for recharging in about five minutes. Chain smoking is therefore not possible!

The pocket charger contains a 2600 mAh battery that can be charged via a supplied USB charger.

By placing the holder in the charger, the holder is charged. This takes around five minutes. The IQOS cigarettes holder can be charged approximately 20 times.

The charger opens with the push button on the right of the photo. An LED next to that button indicates whether the holder is ready for use.

The LEDs next to it indicate how far the charger is charged (and they flash when the charger hangs on the charger itself).

An orange LED indicates when the container is being cleaned (see below).

Cleaning, maintenance

After 20 heat sticks, the heating element is automatically burned clean. If this happens an orange LED lights up on the charger. It is recommended to clean the container manually afterwards.

Cleaning takes a few minutes and is done by means of a supplied hook (to release stuck tab particles) and two included brushes: one for the base of the holder and one for the top to be detached.

The two brushes fit together and form a sort of egg where the cleaning hook fits again.