Heets heatsticks

The new electronic IQOS Heets heatsticks are very successful among those smokers who want to reduce the risk of tobacco use, but still use it. This device, which meant an investment of 3 billion euros for the multinational tobacco company Philip Morris, is presented in the form of an electronic cigarette with innovative technology that allows you to inhale tobacco without burning.

To many, this may seem as expensive as smoking, but what if we tell you that it can be much cheaper? Thanks to the new electronic IQOS Heets heatsticks discount coupons for your vaporizer, you can get your device at a much cheaper price. Keep reading to know what you should do.

IQOS discount codes

At your Vaporizer, some retailers offer an exclusive discount code for the purchase of the new Marlboro IQOS Heets heatsticks cigarettes. This discount code will help you in the online purchase of the entire device kit, saving on the purchase of the device. The kit includes the following:

The latest version of IQOS, 2.4 Plus (available in two colors: dark blue or white)

Pocket charger

IQOS Cleaner

USB cable for charging the device

Power adapter

Twenty cleaning sticks

In case you want to buy a device in a store, say that at the moment this code will not be valid, but later we will have more promotions and coupons.

How to use IQOS discount coupon.

This IQOS discount coupon is very easy to use; you just need to follow these steps to get this discount.

1- Enter the following link:

2- Select the product you want to buy, in this case the initial IQOS kit, as usual, by clicking “Add to Cart”.

4- Click on the trash can icon that appears in the upper right side of the screen

3- When you are in the basket, click at the bottom where it says “Do you have a promotional code?”

4- A place will appear where you can write it, copy our code and paste it there.

5- Click on the “Apply” button

6. You will see the final discounted price. In case you cannot use the code with this product, the message “Not applicable” will appear on the left side.

7- Follow the instructions to accept the purchase.