Cheap juul alternative

Order Logic Devices in our online store to get a cheap Juul alternative. Cheap by prices, but which is high by quality.

We describe the Logic Compact equipment that you can order as a cheap Juul alternative if we estimate the prices of this equipment.

The small size of the Logic Compact vapes (length is 8.8 cm) allows any vaper to comfortably use the device, it can easily fit even in the female palm. The best choice for living at high speeds after you order a cheap Juul alternative.

The Logic Compact electronic cigarette is available in three color variations – graphite gray, dusty rose and steel blue. Choose yours as a cheap Juul alternative!

Convenient charge

On the case of the Logic Compact, there is an indicator that indicates the need to recharge the device. In just 74 minutes, a 350 mAh battery will be fully charged with magnetic charging. The indicator light will tell you about the need for recharging. As soon as the battery runs down, the indicator will flash 10 times, and the charging process is expressed by a slow blink.

The best tastes of a cheap Juul alternative.

Logic Compact capsules contain a liquid with saline nicotine, so they can boast not only a rich taste, but can also be faster absorbed by the body. European quality control guarantees a positive Logic Compact e-cigarette experience.

Variety of Flavors of a cheap Juul alternative.

Why choose if any taste choice is the right one? Logic Compact offers users five flavors to choose from: Classic, Mint Breeze, Tropical Mousse, Fresh Berry and Masala Tea. They are available in three variations of the nicotine strength (1.5, 2.9 and 5% nicotine). Is it difficult to find a favorite? Buy a few and choose a favorite cheap Juul alternative!

An easy-to -use benefit of a cheap Juul alternative.

What could be easier than replacing capsules? Thanks to the magnetic connector, they are easily installed in the body of a Logic Compact electronic cigarette, and their volume of 1.6 ml allows you to enjoy the taste longer than before.

You can buy a Logic Compact electronic cigarette in our online store and make an order online, with the possibility of delivery.