Vaping the best e-juice brands in Europe

Now the e-cigarette has become an extremely popular commodity. The number of people taking care of their health and switching to e-liquid flavors is getting bigger every day. Courage has become an integral part of their lives. The camp of the vapers split in two: the first clearly define themselves as a subculture and a community of people united by one hobby and idea. The second half completely denies the existence of any social institution and argues that there are only people who are trying to replace the addiction habit less harmful, but there are crazy fanatics who simply have nothing to do. But there is one things what unites them- vaping!

There is quite a logical question where you can vape e-cigarettes, if you are on vacation in Europe.

It is not a way out to refuse to vape and not to take your favorite device with cheap premium vape with you.
Vaping of e-liquid brands in airplanes and trains is permitted, as an e-cigarette is not fire-hazardous. But here it is worthwhile to be more attentive, as some carriers are skeptical about e-devices and can still prohibit vaping cheap e-juice 120ml of e-cigarettes.
Depending on the point of your destination, the countries of Europe differ in legal norms regarding the evaporation of e-cigarettes, even best e-juice brands. Let’s start with countries where e-cigarettes are allowed and you can safely vape your device.

So, vaping is legalized in the following countries:

· Austria

· Bulgaria

· Finland

· Germany

· Norway

· Hungary

· Italy

· Lüksembourg

· Greece

· Netherlands

· Sweden

· Poland

· Romania

· Great Britain

· Switzerland

Attention! Locally, in some bars, institutions, airports, there can still be a ban on vaping. The same problem can arise with the purchase of vape juice flavors with nicotine, as in a number of countries, e-liquid nicotine is equated to a medical product.

E-cigarettes vaping is prohibited in public places:










Vape with pleasure!