Cheap heets online

Get to know more to order cheap Heets online. IQOS is an innovative heating system consisting of a charger and holder. Easy to use: the system informs about the start of heating and 30 seconds before the end of the session. You can enjoy one of six true flavors for about 6 minutes. When fully charged, the device provides about 20 full sessions.

There is not much information about Heets sticks for IQOS that is interesting to order cheap Heets online. What are they made of? Is tobacco inside? Why in the stick filter? Is there plastic in this filter and can it melt?

The stick is parsed into two parts: tobacco and filter. Tobacco inside is slightly smaller than in a cigarette, in addition, it is densely compressed. But IQOS technologies are developed so that a lot of tobacco is not needed. It is simply used more sparingly. After all, tobacco burns in a cigarette, and two-thirds of it simply turns into heat and ashes. IQOS heats the tobacco without burning it, and everything is converted to taste.

Am tobacco is visually different from cigarette because of processing technology. Get to know more about IQOS to order cheap Heets online. Inside the sticks for IQOS is exactly the same tobacco as in cigarettes. And for those, and for others, a mixture of three varieties is used – Virginia, Burley and Oriental. Each of the varieties has its own specificity and taste. For example, Virginia is the most common type of tobacco. It accounts for up to 70% of total world tobacco production. It has the lightest and sweetest flavor due to the high glucose content in the leaves.

Burley is the strongest of all types of tobacco. It adds to the taste of bitterness, saturation. And it is he who “tears the throat.” Its sugar content is low, and nicotine is high. Burley is the main ingredient for cigars.

Oriental is the most fragrant and spicy. It is able to give a tickling sensation in the nose. The ripened leaves are collected and dried either in air or in special drying machines to let users order cheap Heets online.