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The Sig eCig

The Sig eCig

It seems to us that nearly every time we write an e-cigarette review we do give only the best characteristics of the best brands, but the Sig eCig is one of the least expensive e-cigarettes we have ever encountered.

The Signature e-cigarette costs not much and consists of a battery, a USB charger and five refill cartridges. Usually, with this type of pricing category you’d see some very high prices on refill cartridges — a kind of a razor-and-blades model. This does not concern the Sig eCig; cartridges cost reasonably per pack of five, which is at least a dollar or two less than many main players (e-cigarette companies) charge.

But as mentioned before, you also get a sixth pack of refill cartridges gratis when you purchase five packs in one single order. Extra batteries and chargers are just accessible each. The Sig eCig also applies 510 e-cigarettes threading, making the battery compatible with refill cartridges offered by many different companies.

Whether you’ve never smoked an eCig or you’re looking to make a switch – it’s time you try this e-cigarette- new for you and fresh for your smoking experience! Is it not interesting to experiment with something different and absolutely unknown?!