South Beach Smoke Review

South Beach Smoke Review

When starting this e-cig, one could run into one problem after another and the process could become quite unpleasant and slow. The first and biggest problem was the low quality of the e-liquid flavors.

With each cartridge, there was such a feeling as though there was only got a part of the flavor because of the pervasive stale taste and chemical flavor notes. The vapor generation was a real disappoint. An experienced smoker usually expects to have a pretty amount of vapor from a KR-808 e-cigarette, but there was no more than a few faint wisps out of South Beach Smoke sample. The only exception was the chocolate flavor, which was quite nice. But since you are smokers and want to smoke, we usually prefer to recommend e-cigarettes based on their tobacco and menthol flavors.

However, we would not claim that the experience with South Beach Smoke should be entirely negative. The starter kit includes two automatic batteries and the sensitivity level of each is just about perfect. When you draw air through the hole in the top of the cartridge, the battery turns on and produces vapor at once. So, that’s definitely an advantage.

Generally, South Beach Smoke is product lacking in quality and good presentation for the fixed price. The price disparity between South Beach Smoke and the main players in this sphere only grows as you look at South Beach Smoke’s higher-end kits. The Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit costs nearly as much as the V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit but doesn’t include the same selection of accessories or number of refill cartridges. The refill cartridges are equally expensive for a pack of 15 cartridges. That is not logical.

These days, companies launch with more flavorful e-liquids that produce more vapor and are including higher-quality accessories with functionality and eye appeal. Unfortunately, the South Beach Smoke e-cigarette just doesn’t manage to emphasize itself abilities apart from the rest. However, some rebranding should take place sooner or later. Who knows what it will be?!