qualitative vape mods

qualitative vape modsP1 – THE LEADING EUROPEAN BRAND
It is the largest producer of vape juice brands for electronic cigarettes and vapor generators, not only in Poland, but throughout Europe. Liquids are manufactured on the highest European quality standards GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). The manufacturer owns its own QC (Quality Control) and R & D (Research and Development) quality laboratory, and a whole team of experts is working on every liquid.


The liquid for electronic cigarettes is rich in e-liquid flavors, and will satisfy even the most demanding customers. The liquid is available in several levels of the fortress. The liquid for Lion electronic cigarettes has already gained immense popularity in Poland, mainly due to the excellent price / quality ratio. Among the huge amount of top vape flavors, everyone will find a liquid and the affordable price will not leave anyone indifferent. All products are manufactured at a European plant in Poland under the supervision of experienced specialists and technologists. Lion liquids for electronic cigarettes have all the necessary quality certificates. The Lion range is suitable for filling all types of electronic cigarettes, qualitative vape mods, jeep machines, etc. Each bottle has a convenient dispenser and a stylish laconic package.

Kapral “brutal” liquid for real men. These are the best e-juice brands for electronic cigarettes. Kapral has a pronounced and rich taste. The line was developed by the company’s technologists especially for the male audience, taking into account all preferences of the strong half of humanity. Liquids for electronic cigarettes Kapral are represented by 9 wholesale e-juice flavors, so everyone will find something interesting. Kapral liquid is supplied in bottles of 30ml. Each bottle has a convenient dispenser, a cover with protection from children and camouflaged “brutal” packaging.