online vape store uk

Greetings to all connoisseurs of a delicious vapor! For a long time we wanted to write about one, quite and even very special online vape store uk.
But first read a small preface.

We are of those people who call themselves “parfmaniacs.” This means that we do not just like perfume, but prefer to understand the intricacies and nuances, which is in abundance in the perfume business. In our time it has already reached the point that to create wholesale e-juice flavors chemically synthesized notes of any alcohol (and even cocktails), sun and rain, salt and metal and even industrial glue and scotch tape! And it is with such notes in the composition that the most interesting perfumes are obtained – not just pleasantly smelling, but those that are opened and regenerated, combined with skin and secretion. Such flavors are not taken to sniff, but to “listen”. And this perfume is no longer a fashion accessory, but a real art!

So that’s it. It turned out that we began to learn about at the same time about perfume and vaping, 4-5 years ago, and somehow they intertwined with each other. But! By 2017, in flavors, we managed to get to the bottom, as already mentioned, to the note of industrial glue and the most unexpected aroma-compositions, and what about vaping? All the same donuts and berry smoothies!

It’s a shame, we swear.
And now we see provocative Cloud Boobs from Ukrainian flagship Vape2GO and Psycho Bunny from UK at the exhibition. Nothing new – e-liquid flavors are very delicious, but completely unoriginal!

But soon we found a miracle!
The Ukrainian company VapeHall and their line of liquids TOP.
We were lucky enough to talk to the founder of the company and the creator of this vape juice flavors list. Imagine: he had exactly the same thoughts as we! He wanted something really unique and he created it!
Liquids with an ambitious name TOP were issued specifically for this autumn show and, as for us, really turned out to be in TOP, at the very top of taste, originality and exclusivity!