iqos HeatSticks

iqos HeatSticksAccording to one specialized study of IQOS HeatSticks promotion, 85% of buyers are more likely to buy from a dealer who provides an opportunity to start or complete an online purchase. 83% of respondents said they would like to go through one or more stages of online shopping.

If you value the time of your customers, give them more opportunities online. Your customers will be able to familiarize themselves with IQOS HeatSticks in detail on your site without having to come to the dealership.

The study compared the use of a computer and a smartphone when choosing a product. In general, smartphones are used together with a PC. But there are tasks that Internet shoppers so far more often perform by using a computer – for example, comparing different products or maintaining links for further study. But while studying the characteristics of goods, reading reviews or searching for IQOS HeatSticks in search engines, a smartphone is used almost as often as computers or laptops.

Given these figures, it is important for online stores today to adapt their website and product information on it, not only for computers, but also for smartphones. As can be seen from the study, it is impossible to greatly reduce information about products in the adaptive and / or mobile version of the website – it is important to strike a balance between ease and information.

Another important, in our opinion, research result is a comparison of product categories according to the principle “studied on a smartphone – bought with a smartphone”.

It is interesting to study the categories of IQOS HeatSticks shopping from the point of view of smartphone use by men and women.

These are pure statistics. Compared by percentage, the number of female users who order IQOS HeatSticks via smartphone apps is higher than the same number of men who buy IQOS HeatSticks online.

The researchers say out different explanations of the fact.

In our opinion, men are more inclined to compare the detailed characteristics of the goods that they order. PCs and laptops are better instruments for a detailed comparison than smartphones. Women also prefer to use nice, mobile and easy-to-use devices and consequently use smartphones for shopping more frequently. Naturally, these are common percentage data, they are neither personalized nor applicable to every person who buys IQOS HeatSticks online.