4x pods Juul compatible – provide a deep saturation

4x pods Juul compatibleThe products manufactured by Juul Labs (the part of the Pax Labs corporation) are deservedly in high demand among novice vapers and experienced lovers of vapor. Pax Corporation has been producing Juul e-cigarettes since 2015 and has achieved impressive results in a short time. According to expert estimates, the total share of Pax products in the vape device market and related products of the United States is 70%. And according to consumer reviews, the brand occupied the first place in terms of price and quality.

Juul is a compact electronic device that allows you to “painlessly” give up cigarettes. The device works with the use of 4x pods Juul compatible filled with an aromatic liquid. According to the sensations, puffs resemble regular smoking. However, the user inhales safe, aromatic fumes that contain a minimum of toxic substances.

Try many different tastes!

What is a Juul pod?

Juul pod has the form of a small moduleThere is a salt solution of nicotine contained inside. Due to the special formula, the substance quickly splits in the mouth and lungs. Compared to a conventional cigarette, a less intense throat tampering effect is achieved during evaporation puff. As in most similar devices, the pod is actually the heart of the device, inside the monolithic structure of which the evaporating part and the liquid are contained, while the pods are not refilled.

The benefits of 4x pods Juul compatible:
Variety of assortment – the manufacturer offers an range of flavors, sets of pods, with which you can always order on the Internet with delivery, using the offers of vape-shop. You can buy the same type of pods or mixes with several pods of different tastes available for selection. 4x pods Juul compatible are very compact, which allows you to carry a few units with you and use different tastes throughout the day.

4x pods Juul compatible have the following characteristics:
The resource is equivalent to 25 ordinary cigarettes; the number of puffs – 200 times; module volume – 0.7 ml; Packing quantity – 4 pieces. Each pod is equivalent to 1 pack of cigarettes.

4x pods Juul compatible provide a deep saturation, a feeling familiar to any smoker.