E-Cigarettes, real taste and possible regulations

E-Cigarettes, real taste and possible regulations

The taste of e-cigarettes is a very delicate matter. It is so because first-time e-smokers who hope that e-cigarettes will taste like real cigarettes may initially be a little bit disappointed.


E-cigarette vendors who say their products taste like real cigarettes are to blame for this; if they were fair about the taste of e-cigarettes, there’d be no risk of bitter disappointment. The evident fact is that while some e-liquids do taste very much like real tobacco, smoke is exactly what provides real cigarettes with their taste. Unless your e-cigarette has burning tobacco, it won’t taste like a real cigarette.

Nevertheless, e-cigarettes can taste incredibly delicious. As soon as your sense of taste begins to return, you’ll be surprised how you ever managed to enjoy those strange cigarettes.

But if you absolutely like your preferred flavor, then nothing can talk you out of purchasing this very variation of e-cigarette. Currently, the e-cigarette industry is a leading one in the market, one that enjoys very little regulation. You can buy e-cigarettes via specialized web-sites, you can buy them in many different flavors and they aren’t subject to state tobacco taxes.

It may change, but it is unknown exactly how long the changes will take. In 2012, the FDA announced its intent to start “deeming regulations” concerning e-cigarettes and other tobacco products. If the sale of e-cigarettes is limited in the same way as cigarettes, the industry may change in ways that e-smokers will find most unacceptable.