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Tobacco bans have sharply increased the demand for Electronic Cigarettes

Tobacco bans have sharply increased the demand for Electronic Cigarettes

The electric cigarette sales rose in June to 50%, despite the fact that turnover and product safety are not regulated – were recorded some cases of electronic cigarettes sale to children.

Online stores and traditional retail mark a significant increase in sales of electronic cigarettes in summer 2014. Market participants attributed this trend to the fact that more and more countries toughen anti-smoking measures like smoking ban in public places, etc. this encouraged some smokers to fight with the bad habit, others – to find a loophole for a comfortable smoking. In this case, in many countries the legislation does not ban the sale of these devices for children, because the electronic cigarettes and cartridges for them are not related to tobacco products.

Internet shops seeing an increase in sales of 5 to 50%. At the same time assure that consumers are buying these devices, almost halfway to that to quit smoking.
A slight increase was noticed in June, but not the same as expected. Were waiting sales growth of 20%, but as a result sales increased only by 5%. Most of all electronic cigarettes are bought by individuals. Many people want to quit smoking and electronic cigarettes – one of the comfortable method. Monthly average number of e-units sold in the average store is from 200 to 400 or more electronic cigarettes for those who want to quit smoking and those who want to continue to smoke in public places.
The patents for e-cigarette invention and technology belong to the Chinese company Ruyan Group Ltd and the owner of this company, the inventor of e-devices is considered Hon Lika. Launched in 2004, electronic cigarettes produced with the support of the Chinese government; were periodically happen patent wars, said the source.

A number of tobacco manufacturers already have enterprises producing electronic gadgets this industry is on an explicit rise. Thus, the British American Tobacco company in 2012, bought the production of electronic cigarettes in the UK. The company Philip Morris International has announced the launch of e-cigarettes at the end of last year. About the beginning of the development of electronic cigarettes in the past year reported the Imperial Tobacco company – it bought in 2013 for $ 75 million the rights to launch electronic cigarettes from Hong Kong’s Dragonite Hon Lika. A month ago it was announced that Japan Tobacco Inc. acquire all the shares of the British company Zandera Ltd, which specializes in electronic cigarettes production.