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The Vapourist

Vape flavors diy, vape juice flavors list, the process of liquid mixing, of course, this is interesting, but sometimes it happens so that you need to really enjoy the taste of liquid, try standing liquids, in which several e-liquid ingredients have to be guessed. Nevertheless, the companies producing premium liquids have long studied technology, mastered new equipment that allows making delicious slices in the shortest possible time. The best liquids are available in premium e-juice sale.

Today we would like to present you Vapouriz -the British company, which has specialized in the production of e-liquid brands for electronic cigarettes for a very long time. They have many branches of the company’s development; success is noticeable not only in the category of liquids, and the company can really boast with vape juice flavors list. And today we’ll take a look at one of them.

As the company has long been in the market, they offer only a quality product made of quality components, which is very important today. The Coffee House is a set of four bottles in each every connoisseur of coffee will find something individual. Each liquid from the manufacturer is available in bottles of 10, 30, 50ml. As for the nicotine content, only two options are available here: either 3 mg per ml or 6 mg per ml. There are bright stickers on both sides on each bottle, where there is all the necessary information. Stickers are stylized under the coffee line of liquids. Vape juice brands list is built on the basis of 70 VG at 30 PG respectively, which means that you can expect excellent quality. Each liquid with a rich and taste of coffee, but in each there is some kind of peculiarity. The addition of tobacco or coconut is perfectly combined with the main pronounced taste of this coffee.

Probably, among the coffee makers, there are those who give their preference to a tender latte. So, if you have not had time to drink a cup of this fine drink since morning, you have the opportunity to catch it up by using an electronic cigarette and liquid from Vapouriz. It is a very pleasant liquid that you can vape all day long. Soft taste of coffee, creamy additives and a little vanillin, each note is maximally revealed and brought to practically ideal.

The Vapourist