Limitless Mech Mod

Limitless Mech ModHi, dear vaping fans. There are so many e-liquid brands in the modern market of vaping products, which are differed by price policy, e-liquid wholesale prices, complexity of e-liquid flavors and other important parameters. Sometimes, it is very difficult to choose what you like. Most users do the so-called home-made free vape juice by means of vape flavors diy. The others are not sure that they can do it skillfully and try to find vape juice brands without diacetyl in the market.

Our next e-liquid reviews of Limitless Mech Mod. These are guys from the USA, they started their activity in 2015.

The company’s linecard includes only 5 wholesale e-juice flavors, about some of which we will speak today. This vape juice brands list is presented in the most US in high volumes what means a high demand.

Some general information about these e-liquids. Each taste is based on the ratios of 39 propylene glycol to 70 glycerin. The e-liquid nicotine content does not exceed 6 mg. Well, now let us tell you about the tastes.


A very interesting solution for lovers of lemonade, which taste predominates. There are also notes of banana and even kiwi, a very strange mix, but very tasty. So, we talk about one of premium fruit juice brands.


As soon as you open the bottle, your room will instantly be filled with the aromas of apple. There will be a feeling at the moment that you are in the apple garden. In addition to apples, the notes of berry fragrances, such as raspberries, strawberries and strawberries, are excellent.


Do you want to stay in summer during the winter when juicy watermelons can be eaten every day? No problem. Having tried this e-liquid you can instantly get back to the summer days. There is no mix here, only the taste of watermelon is maximally open.