IJOY Katana 81W mods for vape online promotions

IJOY Katana 81W is a box mod from iJoy, which is a device in an extraordinary form factor. The ergonomic and compact battery pack, in which the latest version of the Iwepal brand board is installed, on the basis of which all the box mods from these developers are assembled, will allow working with capacities up to 81 W and presenting a choice of six modes of electronics operation. IJOY Katana 81W mods for vape online promotions are run by our webshop.

A battery with a capacity of 3000 mAh is built into the case of the box mod, which, taking into account its maximum output power of 80 W, will give most users the opportunity to work throughout the daylight hours. To recharge the battery, you will need to use the USB port located on the front punch. The maximum current that the electronics can use to recharge is 1.5A;

Developers do not change their traditions and use in-box electronics of their own design, which preserves the device’s functionality that is familiar to fans of the brand for IJOY Katana 81W mods for vape online promotions.

All settings are available in the menu by pressing the Fire button three times:

Power, varivatt. A classic that is in all box mods with electronics. Available power up to 81 W, almost any conceivable winding with resistance is supported.

MTL, variable speed with power limitation on top and adjustment range from 1 W to 15 W. It is intended rather for novice users who install an atomizer on the box mod with a tight cigarette puff and modest winding so that they do not burn the wick by supplying too high a power;

Temp, thermal monitoring. There are three basic options that are present in most devices at the moment for IJOY Katana 81W mods for vape online promotions: Ni – nickel, Ti – titanium, SS – stainless steel, as well as TCR mode for fine tuning of electronics when working with non-standard spiral materials;

Power in all modes is adjustable from 1 W to 81 W in 0.1 W steps, which, when holding the buttons.