4x pods Juul compatible – something new to vape

4x pods Juul compatibleIs it accurate to say that you are searching for something new to vape with your 4x pods Juul compatible Device? There is a number of various 4x pods Juul compatible cases!
Investigate items from twelve or so Juul good case brands!
4X Pods:
The 4x Pods have 1ml ejuice contrasted with JUUL’s .07ml cases, so you get an additional 1.2ml per pack – like one extra case!

Eonsmoke Pods:
Eonsmoke Pods are an energizing method for livening up the flavors accessible for your Juul gadget.
Crackpot Pods:
You will see that the Loon Pods come in 5-Packs for about a similar cost as the Juul “unique” cases do. Therefore, you are getting an additional unit at the cost.
Furthermore Pods:
Furthermore Pods contain 1ml e-juice contrasted with the Juul .07ml units, giving you an additional .03ml per case, or 1.2ml per pack. You are getting an additional unit for each pack and they have some incredible natural product enhances as well!
PuR Pods:

PuR Pods are conveyed to you by Liquid EFX. They are 50mg amazing units made with premium e-juice from California. They come in 4-Pod packs.
Sea100 Pods:
Sea100 Pods have turned out to be a standout amongst the most famous Juul good cases marks available to date. Some extremely GREAT flavors!

Salteez Pods:
Salteez Pods offer the best vape flavors from honor winning e-fluids in 5.5% quality. Each pack contains four cases.
Sodium Pods:
Sodium Pods are overflowing with flavors and arrived in a gigantic assortment of 14 unique items. Each pack contains four 1ml units.
Ultra Max Pods:
Fulfill your taste buds to the Max, Ultra Max! Presently accessible with six energizing new flavors.
Viv Pods:
With the Viv Pods, you get an additional .3ml with each case, giving you an additional 1.2ml per pack – like getting another unit free.

VQ Pods:
The VQ Pods come in eight energizing flavors, including strawberry milk, super berry, wild cherry, raspberry sweet tea, grape soft drink, peach, and watermelon ice.
Zalt Pods:
Without a doubt the least expensive prefilled cases available! Grant winning flavors in Compatible Pods for the best hit you can get.
Ziip Pods:
Ziip Pods are Juul-good cases that come in 4-packs like Juul cases, however accompany 1mL of nic salt e-juice in each unit.